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showin' that rating communitys arent all about the
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1.respect the mod(that would be me)
2.please respect that no one is perfect but that everyone is allowed and able to express their oppinions about other people applying.
3.once you join the community you must apply within a full 24 hours.
4.do not delete your application(thats my job)
5.you MUST be 15 or older to apply for this community
6. all applications must be under LJ-cut or they will be imediatly deleted.
7.put 'barbies are slutz' as the subject line/lj-cut title when u r applying
8.never post your application without pictures. we want to see your beautiful face thank you


please state your Name:
the story behind that wonderful peice of personality called a User Name:

your 5 favorite bands:

how do you feel about....
1.gay marrage?:
3.George W.Bush?:
4.the "liberation" of iraq?:
5.stadards of society as far as the way people dress?:
6. Drugs?:
7. Alcohol?:

what lead you to this community?:
what made you want to apply?:
what do you consider yourself?:
do you listen to/like country music?:


promote this comunity somewhere and give us the link:
please show us 3-10 pictures of that beautiful face!:



put the link at the bottom of the promo and promote the hell outta here man!

24 idaho, a perfect circle, a static lullaby, afi, alkaline trio, all, alternative rock, anything emo, armor for sleep, atreyu, audio karate, bad religion, banners, barbies, bayside, ben folds, best kept secret, better than boredom, bikini kill, billy talent, black, blink 182, blue, bouncing souls, boy hits car, boys life, boysetsfire, brandtson, bright eyes, broken social scene, butterfly boucher, catch 22, coheed and cambria, concerts, cool hand luke, copeland, dashboard confessional, death cab for cutie, drivethru records, dying hair, dynamite boy, elliot smith, emo, emo kids, fairweather, falloutboy, finch, five iron frenzy, for amusement only, franz ferdinand, further seems forever, green, guttermouth, hey mercedes, hotwater music, icons, indie, jamisonparker, jimmy eat world, kid courageous, layouts., less than jake, lime green, little birdy, live bands, lostprophets, mae, matchbook romance, matchbox 20, mest, mindless self indulgence, motion city soundtrack, motorace, music, my spacecoaster, neon colors, new found glory, pedro the lion, pink, plankeye, poison the wall, pop punk, pretty girls make graves, pseudo heroes, punk, purple, rating, rating communitys, reel big fish, rock, rufio, rufus king, samiam, saosin, saves the day, sensesfail, shades apart, silent majority, silver, simple plan, ska, skatalites, sluts, something for kate, something with numbers, spitalfield, stavesacre, steel train, straylight run, sum 41, sunday's best, sunnyday real estate, taking back sunday, tbs, texas is the reason, the ataris, the cure, the early november, the get up kids, the juliana theory, the new amsterdams, the postal service, the promise ring, the ramones, the rocking horse winner, the smiths, the strokes, the used, the vines, the weakerthans, the white stripes, thrice, thursday, treble charger, unwritten law, vertical horizon, weezer, yeah yeah yeahs, yellowcard